I want to serve the people of Christian Co, giving back to those who has supported me as a young man opening my first pharmacy in 1977. The people of Christian Co were loyal to me and have led to the success of myself and our organization over the last 35 years. Now is my time to use my life experiences, my training and my desire to serve the people in Christian county and our area of SW Missouri we call home."

I want to represent 3 age groups:

1. The seniors, who I am one of.
2. The young and middle age workers who are getting their children through school, buying homes, cars, etc.
3. The young people, like my 6 grandchildren who will all inherit the community we build today and into the future.

As a small business man for the past 35 years I know what it takes to balance a budget, make payroll and build a successful business. I am proud to be a Christian conservative Republican that feels like I can work with all parties. I plan to go to Jefferson City to make a real difference by being a statesman like our founding fathers.

I feel that I can make a difference in a short time as I am not interested in a job, I have plenty of jobs. I am not interested in making a career of politics at my age. I just bring my knowledge, compassion, 35 years of business experience and deep desire to make Christian County a better place. I want to help the fastest growing county in the state continue to grow and prosper.

We must do several things very soon. We need to fund education differently than we do today. We need to make job creation in this county and in SW Missouri a priority. We have to make sure that we have the types of businesses, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc that will keep our young people here and make others want to move into the area.

I ask for your prayers, your vote in the August primary and if you can make a financial or donation of time to the Morris Team, please sign up and let us know how you can help. We will need financial donations and workers to bring a victory to the Morris team so I can continue to serve the people of Christian Co and SW MO but this time not just for your medication needs but as your state representative.

God Bless Christian Co and SW Missouri

Lynn A. Morris